Good news! I am sure that there is nothing as good as this one. This is all about the famous or the favorite application use in the office which is the Microsoft office application.To name a few and common program of its package are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook. Not so long ago we got amaze on this application and now still keep using this as part of our daily office works like managing documents. That is why they become so popular. Faxing becomes so easy to handle now because of its popularity.

You might wonder what it does to make our document sharing easier. Just using a Microsoft Office Word you can now share it to as many people as you want. All you just need is to activate internet Faxing in Microsoft Applications of your providers' account. In activating it, log-in first to your providers' account. Go to send preferences. Below the “My preferences” section, there is a Microsoft office internet Fax activation on that section so enable it to send documents through your subscribed web-based ax provider. Normally, we just use this for encoding but this time it use as part of your Faxing. You may do it through these following steps:

1. Go to file.
2. Click Send to Internet Fax

On the other hand, you can also send and receive Fax through Microsoft Outlook program. This is done in similar ways of sending an electronic mail. Here are few things you must remember in sending Fax using your Microsoft Outlook:

* In your “To:” header put in the country code + city code + addressee's Fax number with @ where sample is the online Fax provider extension.
* Never forget to attach your document.
* Send the email when you are already sure that the recipient's address is correct and you have attached the document already.

These simple instructions are very easy and simple. However, it is important that you have subscribed online Faxing.

Source by Xyle Fon