The video craze is here to stay. Users love to create video and watch video. Short clips can be produced by a novice with software built by Vine and Instagram. These users make videos to share with their family and friends. This is new capability in the last couple of years.

Businesses have begun to find ways to generate short clips for their audience by generating animated GIFs to attract interest. Bing has created a preview option for video in its search results that offers real video clips knit together, offering insight into the full version of the video.

The reason why businesses need to add video preview to their website is because there is now so much video content that its become tedious for users to find videos they want to watch. Most websites don't offer a video search so many of your videos go unwatched.

What is the attention span of a typical Internet user? Less than 10 seconds and this means that if you want to be successful having your users engage your higher ad-paying inventory, you'll need to give them a sneak peek of several titles. Users want everything faster. Instant video preview of your video titles is what they need, to want to drill down into your video content.

Video online has been looking for new ways to drive more video views. Preview is that mechanism. And users have already told us they want 10-second clips by using Vine and Instagram video, by the millions. Facebook and Twitter leverage these tools with their users, proving again, that this is what users want.

Now, it is time for business to jump on the bandwagon and start plugging in those 10-second clips across their websites – in a sidebar, full-width module, and even a gallery of instant preview thumbnails. However, they must be of high quality to engage users.

YouTube is left to adopt. They deployed their own version of “preview” by having a frame pop-up when rolling over the player timeline. But, that is more of a search for what is in the title. There is no motivation to engage the video from the get-go – just not enough information.

So, when you begin to discover how to add video preview to your website, look for a real video product that is scalable, easy to use, and placed in your site where it is easy to be found.


Source by Alex Day