WHM VPS Optimized servers are optimized for better memory usage. Utilization of virtual server memory is a crucial aspect to consider because without proper memory utilization the server gets suffered from lack of functional benefits or dysfunctional outputs. The recent popularity of WHM VPS optimized servers can mainly be attributed to this rising concern over the memory utilization. The WHM VPS optimized servers and their respective benefits for webmasters and end users will be explained here in few necessary details.

VPS Optimized is nothing but an enhanced and augmented version of a cPanel server control panel system. This cPanel edition responsible for better utilization of server side memory can be used by the VPS license users. WHM VPS optimized besides all the cPanel benefits offers additional features and benefits as well. For enhancing the efficiency of the server and the software running on that server this optimized virtual server is used. To prevent the third party apps creating overload and taking a toll on the efficiency of the server this optimized server technology is used. Utilization of sever memory capacity to the highest extent is guaranteed by this server management technology.

From ensuring efficiency and performance to server speed to long term stability of performance, this server side technology is assuring in every aspect. This is truly the optimized VPS control panel version to address all the performance, speed and stability issues corresponding to the utilization of server memory. By creating more space for the apps to function and perform their task this control panel practically make underperformance and crash impossible. Simply by optimizing the memory capacity and usage for respective software and apps the panel ensures huge efficiency, speedier task completion and fast response time, enhanced control and long term stability.

Besides the above mentioned advantages of memory utilization and corresponding boost to the performance there are too many advantages from optimized server side technology. With the server side memory being utilized in a less optimized manner there are too many derogatory effects on the server performance. The restructured log processing daemon in a WHM VPS Optimized server offers far better accessibility to the server information concerning memory usage. Similarly, the process monitoring daemon helps verifying the service and apps utilizing the memory space and thus prevents unauthorized usage of memory

There are some system specific requirements for WHM VPS optimized servers. The speed of the processor should at least be 266 MHz or higher. The available random server memory at least should be 1 GB. 512 MB RAM can work but it is not ideal and higher RAM capacity is particularly recommended for offering the server room to scale up in case of need. Disk space requirement should at least be 20 GB to 40 GB, though higher disk space is always better. More server disk space and RAM will ultimately lead to better scalability and capacity to cope up with emerging needs.

Typically apps are increasing in number and capacity and with time they are becoming hungry for bandwidth as they are offering more advanced features than ever. For ensuring performance of the highly demanded apps and software without any constraints this server side technology is needed.

Source by Minerva Murzyn