Innovation. Expression. Reinvention. Creativity. Architecture. Discovery. Sophistication.

These are just a few choice words that are often associated with Italian design monarch, Spazioquadro. These words have become synonymous with what is to be expected from this leader in the home design industry. Known for its thoughtful attention to detail, this Italian designer brand speaks to modernism in a way that captivates the design consciousness of its audience. Spazioquadro does not rely on design alone, but employs the use of architectural theory to deliver a product that does not just look good, but functions with equaled adoration.

Probably most popular is Spazioquadro's design collaborations with decorated Italian designers, architects, and manufacturers. One such celebrated collaboration included the likes of the dynamic and enchanting Italian designer, Agatha de la Prada and Spazioquadro “VIVA” Collection. Also a children's Fashion Designer, Agatha's talent seamlessly transcends into the interior design arena. This energetic collection is replete with fun textures, youthful textiles, and ultra-contemporary designs. Attracted to this collection are those who pursue style and crave individualism. Agatha has outdone herself and designed a series of interior doors that have an unconventional flair and guarantee a unique buying experience to her customer. The “VIVA” Collection also includes closets and other organizational systems that deliver BIG on taste and function. Whether outfitting a children's room or creating a functional family oasis, this collection brings joy to all who behold its beauty.

“Sensazioni” which translates to “Sensations” in English is the result of many successful collaborations with design industry professionals. This collection represents maximum expression and delivers a product that is outside the box of traditionalism as we know it. Tireless attention has been rendered to convey reinvention of traditional materials and repurposing of standard architecture. More specifically, a unique play on cement material is re-introduced in this collection in stunning models “Concrete”, “Linfa”, and “Bricola”. Technology is called to the forefront in the smart incorporation of LED lighting into the “Iride” door model in this same thriller of a collection. Other door features include wood and cement panelling, aluminum framing, laminate finishes, unsymmetrical surfaces, satin glass, and expansive glass surfaces.

As most of the world gravitates toward the modern movement, it becomes clear that our design choices can be found in the next big idea. There is a constant search for “fresh” and “never before seen”. While this endeavor can be a daunting one, contributors to the industry like Spazioquadro offers its customer a rare and encapsulating buying experience. Its use of modernism and skillful interplay between architecture and design delivers a product that is a cut above the rest.

Source by Yana Pojidaeva