Have you ever wondered how we survived without computers and the internet? Well, now we can't believe how we ever survived without Cloud computing. As we know Cloud is an internet-based computing technology where centralised remote servers and internet is required. This technology allows businesses and users to share and save their files and applications without needing to install this data on their computers or on an external hard drive. Cloud computing is essentially the process of storing your data with the assistance of external sources, website hosting with an internet service provider and processing of your data and disk storage in a remote location.

So you have to ask yourself where would you be without this technology, especially as it has proven to be really safe regarding any security issues. It is up to you to ensure that the devices connected are secure as the data is going to a remote location. Cloud computing has been adopted by most IT infrastructure management firms who are keen to exploit the many benefits to following the Cloud computing model. For one, they save considerably on their operational costs as they don't have to invest in expensive hardware. Another benefit is there is no limit to the data you can store in the Cloud and Cloud enables them to share their resources remotely.

The fact that the data may be conveniently viewed anywhere in the world is another plus. Cloud provides a protected remote entry, allowing only authorised users to retrieve your essential information. Having unlimited data at your fingertips optimises your business and you never have to worry about hard drive problems or your computer crashing. Your precious data is stored in the Cloud away from harm at all times. Someone can steal your computer and your external hard drive but they can't steal from the Cloud which offers maximum protection, effectively sealing off cyber criminals and others attempting to obtain access to your data.

From the original concept of Cloud computing have sprung various new applications including Cloudability for easily accessible information on your business finances, Cloudon, a Cloud based solution that integrates with Dropbox and Mailjet, the new email platform in the Cloud. Finally, the importance of Cloud computing technology can be explained by its unparalleled prospects of saving the costs of investment and infrastructure as well as in application engineering and deployment. Welcome to the new world of Cloud!

Source by Mark H Hayes