I go to movies to be entertained. I don't go to learn, be intellectually challenged, or evolve. I go to be entertained. Which is why I no longer go to movies at $20 a pop with all the hassle involved. Now I'm happy to just watch movies on DVD via Netflix. Hollywood apparently can't grasp that.

The final straw for me was the Academy Award Winner, “No Country for Old Men”. Since when do they honor movies that are poorly constructed? I loved this movie till the last 20 minutes or so when its like everything that built up to the ending was forgotten about and all I got was Tommy Lee Jones philosophize about life. Boring! I didn't pay $20 for this. If I wanted to learn philosophy or understand the meaning of life, I'd read a book not listen to Tommy Lee Jones do boring monologue while spending $9 on a bag of popcorn.. Yeah, Tommy, life is different from the olden days. How profound! They don't make 'em like that, anymore.

Since I no longer go to movies, I can watch “Michael Clayton”, fall asleep several times out of sheer boredom, and appreciate a movie like this as a cure for insomnia instead of being upset that it got good reviews and I wasted $20.

The weird thing is, while technology has provided me with affordable, excellent home theater systems to watch movies on DVD, movies for the most part are more sterile, dull and predictable. In the old days, there would always be a great exciting movie without redeeming social value like, “Re-Animator”, which would get the juices going. They don't make 'em like that, anymore.


Source by P Hershon