When a person is looking for a smartphone device there are probably thousands of features requiring his or her time and attention. Even though the smartphone domain has a lot to offer and the technologies have evolved to territories that last year may have been unknown, the most important feature of the smartphone will always be the price. No matter if the possible client does not have enough money or simply doesn't want to spend too much on such a device, the price will always matter.

Even when the smartphone market can offer us 3D capacitive touch-screen technology display and 4G internet connectivity many people will still consider the price the most important factor.

Possible clients should also consider the fact that new technologies, like the ones previously mentioned are not actually reliable because the products using them are still pioneers in this business. A good, reliable technology has requires years of testing and improvements in order to worth the money. The smartphone market tends to present and advertise only the latest technology and the most expensive products. People should be aware that somewhere, forgot behind the giants that invade TV and internet advertising there are products that will help and entertain them for a quarter of the price.

First of all, the 4G internet connectivity that promises outstanding data transfer speeds is not even available worldwide. It is only offered in some highly populated areas where the providers thought that it was worth the money.

While the 4G networking is only available in some areas, the 3G (or the third generation) standard connection is available worldwide and the speed provided reach download rates of 28 Mega-bytes per second (real speed of services). With such an internet speed on a smartphone there would be no need for anything else at the moment because any on-line page the respects its self offers a mobile alternative version that is lighter and optimized for mobile devices. Even a full size site can be displayed in less than a second, depending on the size of the page.

With today's battery technology the faster an internet connection would work, the faster the battery would drain. Many 4G smartphones are known to drain their batteries in a day or two while the 3G smartphones can work properly because the connectivity doesn't drain the battery that fast.

After studying the market for a while you will find out that out of all the smartphones, the ones that use the new Windows Phone OS are significantly cheaper than the competition.

Testing the Windows Phone OS 7, 7.5 or 8 versions anyone could find them amazing and revolutionizing.

These new and improved versions of the old Windows Mobile OS offer a completely different approach on the perfect operating system for mobile devices.

The main interface is an easy to use copy of the desktop Windows 8 start menu. The completely costumizable icons combine stored data with internet information to offer you the fastest way to any solution you would need.

The main categories of the menu are named hubs and by entering a hub such as the “Peoples Hub”, the user can perform any action that involves other people. It is the place to make calls, send SMS, Instant Messaging, e-mails or to socialize on the favorite socializing platforms, share photos, videos and files and so on. The other categories like the “Music and Videos Hub” and the “Office Hub” are structured the same, each one with its own options, services and features.

This OS was mainly conceived to be more easy to use, more helpful and entertaining than any other smartphone OS.

The most important thing of the Windows Phone devices is that they somehow managed to stay cheap, affordable for the crowd, for the people that are not willing to throw money on highly advertised products that may disappoint with some of the new, unreliable technologies. This OS however has an entire history of well over a decade of improving and continuous evolution.

The best low budget smartphone would be at this moment any device that runs on a Windows Phone platform because it manages to offer new, useful, helpful and entertaining services for prices that usually stay under two hundred dollars.

This mobile OS has truly revolutionized the market and it is surely worth its money.

Source by Radu I Costin