What's amazing about the Timex Triathlon Ironman Watch is not only that so many people are using it, (not much of a stretch, given Timex's reputation as a reliable sports watch that works), but who is wearing it.

For the Timex Triathlon Ironman Watch graces the wrists of doctors, celebrities, lawyers and business leaders – even astronauts have been seen donning the famous timepiece…

It may surprise you to know the even former U.S. President Bill Clinton was seen wearing a Timex Ironman to his inauguration.

So why did Bill Clinton choose the Timex Triathlon Ironman Watch over a Patek Philippe or a Rolex?

While the Timex Triathlon Ironman Watch may be relatively inexpensive – a fact proven by it's incredible popularity, the watch has never been considered “cheap.”

Timex is seen as a reliable, value-based brand as opposed to a cheap brand and has always had a pretty good reputation demographically.

Nevertheless, President Clinton is not this watch's first presidential appointment. Although the Ironman Triathlon watch was designed to accommodate the needs of hard-core triathletes and runners, it has proven a winner inside the Beltway, most notably on the wrists of the former presidential team of George Bush and Dan Quayle.

Clinton also owned and wore several early models (including the original) during his time as Governor of Arkansas and in the early years of his Presidency. Clinton has donated one of his earlier Ironmans, along with Hillary's inaugural ball gown and Chelsea's ballet slippers, to the Smithsonian Institute.

Source by Rod McAnally