The new Sony VAIO laptop, with its stunning features and charismatic characteristics have helped the model in invading the minds of users. VAIO, the acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation, is a sub-brand for Sony, the electronic giant. The branding was done by Sony to distinguish items that encompassed the usage of consumer audio and video, as well as being conventional computing products. Sony was a big name in the Japanese computer market in the 1980s, but left the field in the end of the decade. Its re-entry to the computer market, this time globally, was in 1996 with a new brand name VAIO with the PCV series of desktops. The VAIO logo of the brand which became a big hit represents the integration of analog and digital technology. The ‘VA' represents an analog wave and the ‘IO' represents digital binary code.

Sony plans to expand the use of the VAIO label. Among its new products include notebooks, sub notebooks, desktops and a hard-disk-based audio player that comes in both 20GB and 40GB variations. The network media solutions by Sony will also carry the brand name VAIO. High-end Sony VAIO notebooks usually get shipped with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium or Business, while low-end laptops such as the N series come with Microsoft Vista Home Basic. VAIO computers come with components from Intel processors, Seagate technology or Fujitsu hard drives and Sony Speakers.

The recent models from Sony VAIO, such as the TX or SZ, have implemented the LED backlit XBRITE LCD, that further enhance the power saving and accurate color reproduction capability of the LCD unit. The VAIO SZ series features both an Intel GMA950 graphics chip and an NVIDIA graphics chip. The high-end AR Series VAIOs were the first models to incorporate a Blu-ray Disc burner. These laptops were designed to be the epitome of high-definition products including a 1080p capable WUXGA (1920 × 1200 pixels) screen, HDMI output and the aforementioned Blu-ray burner. The AR series also includes an illuminated logo below the screen.

Source by Ben Bradley