There are various types of LaserJet toners, which include even the re-manufactured cartridges, along with OEM printer cartridges, toner refills, as well as other miscellaneous compatible cartridges.

The LaserJet toner cartridges may also be classified into black and toner cartridges. The colored ones are usually costlier, while the black toners are relatively cheaper. There are a number of HP laser toner cartridges available in the market, sold in the price range of $120-$170. The average price of a good HP laser toner cartridge is about $150, though the re-manufactured cartridges turn out to be relatively cheaper than the regular ones.

While buying the HP cartridges online, one must look out for money-back guarantee or an extended warranty on the product, so as to make the most out of his/her money. Another thing that must be kept in mind is that it is possible to reduce operational costs further by buying refill kits. More so, the black toners cost $30-40 lesser than the colored cartridges; therefore it may be advisable to use the black toner; unless high quality colored print outs are needed.

The mid-size business owners may avail good discounts by making bulk purchases, while the individuals may be required to do a lot of research work to find cheap HP toner cartridges. It is important not to get tempted to buy cheap Hewlett Packard LaserJet cartridges from unreliable sources that don't offer money-back guarantee, as they may not be authentic products. On many occasions, it has been observed that some of the vendors supply inferior quality products at low prices, and sometimes even tend to reduce the quantity to compensate for the discounts given.

Source by Tomas Walker