In this article we are going to give you a quick review and go over some of the tips and tricks you can use with the Kindle Fire HD tablet 7. Firstly, the interface is largely the same as it was with the original Kindle Fire. You have the same kind of carousel set up on the home screen for all your recent apps and eBooks. You can easily scroll through the list of them and choose to add or remove any of them just by holding down the (long press button). You also have the option of adding your favorites by jumping back and forth between apps with ease.

One of the definite strong points on the Kindle Fire HD 7 is the speakers are very loud! The Kindle Fire dual speakers come with a soft coating on the back which protects it from scratches. Also in the back is a micro HDMI and USB port so you can connect it to the TV. On the front interface you have a high definition camera which is great for taking crystal clear pictures and doing video chats.

Amazon has the Kindle Fire HD 7 setup with submenus so you can use the shop icon and go directly to the digital storefront to shop for all your stuff. If you choose to download more apps for your device inside or outside of the Amazon store, you can do so right at your finger-tips. But one thing to watch out for with the apps at Amazon is that they do give out a FREE APP EVERYDAY so it's good idea to see what they got available and load your device up! (90% of the time it's usually a game of some sort). You can get a pretty good app once in a while especially around the holidays.

If you're a music lover, you can load all your music up on Amazon cloud. You get 250 free songs and with the premium package you can get up to 250,000 songs with your purchase. The Kindle Fire HD 7 also comes with Pandora which is a great option for streaming FREE MUSIC on your device. If you're into video, you can save your kindle videos directly to your device and watch them later or stream them online (in real time).

Another thing about the new Kindle tablets from Amazon is that they all come with special offers. If you turn off your device and turn it back on again you will begin to see some of those advertisements on lock screen. Sometimes you run into good offers, but if you find any of them annoying, you have a choice to dismiss these ads anytime!

Now let's talk about how eBooks work on the new Kindle Fire HD 7. One of the features is the narration mode. You can have any of your books narrated back to you and choose which speed is best comfortable for you. You can sync your audiobooks with your eBooks and the Kindle Fire HD 7 will automatically highlight the words as it goes on. In reading mode, you can change the font sizes, margin settings, and background colors to fit your style as well. The Kindle Fire HD has an option for surfing the internet, checking the dictionary, highlighting, and sharing.

Source by Victoria A Mason