An MP4 Player is a portable media player that operates on a particular set of format and standards. These players are successors of MP3 players and offer a relatively extended playtime as compared to an MP3 player. These players are very popular because their storage space is much higher compare to other players. They can also play and store movies in various video formats like MPEG-4, WMV, MPEG-2, and VOB. These players can be used on various platforms including the windows itself.

An MP4 Player has many qualities that make it much more popular and usable. Some of the prime features are compatible audio and video format, good battery life, light weight, compact size, and extended memory space. Many players also support the interchange of the PDA, mobile phone, digital camera and digital camcorder. They can also be connected to TV using a compatible cable. So, this feature gives one an opportunity to store the movies in the player and watch them on TV. Some of the players might also allow you to tune in to FM, perform audio voice recording, carry out notebook functions, store data, set time in alarm clocks, mark important event in an in-built calendar and store simple games. A few of the latest and most loved models of these players are Newman A18HD+, OPPO S39, Taiden C430T, ONDA VX 585HD, and GemeiHD8800.

An MP4 Player is the best suitable option for people who love to store a lot of data in various formats. It can support all the possible audio and video format and that makes it a hit amongst the youngsters who loves to keep one player to serve all their purposes, be it listening to music, watching videos and movies or gaming. They can be aptly used for storing and using data in different formats. ITunes, Winamp and Quicktime are a few most used players that are supported by MP4.

There are many things that make an MP4 player a craze amongst people. It comes in various sizes from big screens to small. You can easily make a choice depending upon you preference. The USB connection speed is much higher in these players as compared to MP3 players. The entire model comes with one year warranty clause irrespective of your country or place.

An MP4 player is not difficult to find. Almost every brand is selling these relatively new products. One can buy it from a store or even shop online. But, in all the cases you must make sure to keep few things in mind such as the storage capacity, the battery life, if it supports AV/IN and/or AV/OUT formats, and whether it supports both NTSC and PAL systems or not. Many companies like Philips, Sony, Apple, etc offer such players. However, it is advisable to do a thorough research on which model and features would you like to go for before zeroing in on a player.

Source by Atanu Shaw