Today, people are looking for the ultimate home entertainment system by getting LCD televisions measuring at least 40 inches. The Toshiba 40LV665DB provides a wide variety of features and options that ensure you get closer to the action each time. You should also try to determine your personal preferences and the room where you intend to put it before you purchase. Here are some more tips and guidelines on this Toshiba LCD TV.

About the Package

The Toshiba 40LV665DB is one of the latest LCD TVs released by the company. With a price tag of around £400, this is one of the cheapest and most affordable sets available of its kind. You can choose to order online or purchase from designated retail outlets. You should consider the shipping method and details, plus get to know your source first before you choose to order from online companies.

More to Expect

The 40LV665DB has a feature that keeps it on for several minutes late at night so you can get software updates. Some viewers might notice that the TV does not automatically shut off, but they can work around the issue by simply disabling the auto-update feature belonging in the settings menu, tagged Software Updates. You can also automatically turn off the TV, via the auto-power down option. The LCD TV also includes various features that will maximize your viewing experience as you make the necessary adjustments in colour, backlight and other details.

What Customers Say

Most people who purchased the Toshiba 40LV665DB were very happy with the features and performance of the TV. They say that it's one of the best in its kind, giving you 40 full inches of entertainment and several connectivity capabilities so you can enjoy watching Blu-ray movies and play video games as well. This is a relatively large TV that fits large or medium homes, so you have to consider your room very carefully or you might find the images very big for your taste. You have to maintain a fair distance from the screen to get the full benefits. You should also try and test the many options and features included before you buy. Practices using the automatic off and on features and learn more about software updates so you can have the ultimate viewing experience.

More on Connectivity

Aside from the 4 HDMI inputs and PC input, you can expect 1 composite input, a phono output, S-Video input, 2 Scart connections, 1 USB port and 1 VGA input. These connection capabilities let you use almost any type of media device or accessory possible for the television so you can make the most out of everything you spent. This is a good TV for playing games or music and the resolution gives you enhanced movie watching quality each time. You can conveniently play DVDs or CDs via a media player and enjoy everything just as the director intended.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, the Toshiba 40LV665DB rates very well among viewers. It offers all the features and capabilities you need in a 40-inch LCD TV and will bring your entertainment experience to a whole new level. The price may change slightly, depending on your location and source. You should also expect a user manual and remote control together with the entire package.


Source by Alex Bradbury