Streaming media online or from a NAS (network attached storage) has now become easier and more accessible with the advent of Android TV boxes. However, choosing the appropriate Android TV box for your home is not as easy as you might be thinking. You'll need to make sure that the Android box does not only have good build quality but it should also support a variety of media files. One of the few Android TV boxes that actually has these features and more is the Lynec M6.


With dimensions measuring 5 x 1.2 x 5 inches and weighing 9.1 ounces, the Lynec M6 arguably has the most solid and compact build of any Android TV box. Powering this device is an ARM-Cortex Quad Core CPU paired with a Mali 450 Quad Core GPU capable and 1 GB of RAM. It currently runs Android 4.4.2 with Lynec promising OTA updates and technical support in case you encounter any problems with it. Some people might scoff at the 8GB internal storage but that shouldn't be a concern since you can easily add more space to install apps and media via a USB port and an SD card slot. Also included in the package is an HDMI cable (for connecting to your HDTV) and Remote Control to easily navigate through the XBMC interface.


XBMC is already pre-loaded with add-ons and optimized for the Lynec M6's hardware so there's no need for you to play around with its settings. The Android Box XBMC optimizations ensure stability when it comes to streaming content as well as offering more flexibility with its features compared to vanilla XBMC. And unlike Roku, Apple TV, or the Amazon Fire TV set-top TV box, you can actually stream content (movies and television shows) using the Lynec M6 for free. The quad core CPU and Mali-450 3D GPU also ensures that you'll have no issues streaming media regardless if it's in HD (1080p) or not.


If there was one thing that would make the M6 better it would be the inclusion of a mouse and keyboard in the package. The included remote control is actually good enough on its own but having a mouse and keyboard can make the M6 so much more powerful than it already is. You'll have to say goodbye to this TV box's compact packaging though if a mouse and keyboard were to be included in it.

Should You Get the Lynec M6?

If pricing is the reason why you're still on the fence about getting a set-top TV box running Android then you should definitely get the Lynec M6. It's not the cheapest Android TV box out in the market but it is also not the most expensive. With the numerous features and build quality that it offers, this android box could easily sell for twice or thrice the current price that it's being sold at. In the event that you're still not convinced, you can refer to the numerous online reviews from satisfied customers who've used (and are undoubtedly still using) this android box for streaming media to their HDTVs.

Source by James J Inovejas