The apple diet is a question I get asked by weight loss clients every once in a while when they first join my program. What is it? Does it work? Is it safe? All valid questions for those looking to lose weight quickly. Asian women get their skinny bodies by using natural fruits like apples, but in a different way than you might expect. Let's take a look at how apples can either help, or hurt, your chances of burning fat quickly!

The Apple Diet – Does it Work?

Anytime I hear about a diet fad that has the person hoping to lose weight eating nothing but a single food item my radar for nonsense goes to high alert.

Usually these diets have you eating the food item for one, two, or even all three of your daily meals for a day or two in a row, followed by a single day of light meals.

The problem with this method is that we as human beings are not able to get 100% of the vitamins and nutrients we require from just a single food source. We evolved over time by eating thousands of different types of food, and taking the best parts of each one of them as we digest what we've eaten.

Now this doesn't mean The Apple Diet is a failure and that it won't help you lose weight. Here's how…

The Right Time for an Apple

Asian women use certain tricks to get skinny and keep the weight off, and one of these tricks involves eating an apple before a big nighttime meal (dinner).

My own Chinese Mother used to make my sisters and I have at least half an apple about 20 minutes before dinner, she called it a “treat”, but in reality she was passing down something her own Mother had taught her years before about dieting.

By eating an apple prior to dinner, you get a tremendous boost of fiber and healthy calories. This has two effects in that it makes you feel more satisfied and less hungry when you sit down to eat the main meal, so you eat less, and you also will eat more slowly because you're not so crazy from hunger.

You eat less, and you eat slower, both of which allow your body to better absorb the calories you're consuming without exceeding your metabolism's ability to burn those calories for energy. Just that simple action, one apple before dinner, can cause you to eat between 200-400 fewer calories at dinner…which in a month means you saved between 6,000 and 12,000 calories that you otherwise would have eaten!

Little things like this can go a long way. While eating apples all the time on the Apple Diet is far too extreme, the one-apple-before-dinner trick might be the perfect spark that ignites a better body for the rest of your life…

The Secret Way to True Weight Loss

You're not going to discover true permanent weight loss from just a quick article online. In order to really learn how Asian women are able to get back to a size-2 even after just giving birth takes a detailed look at their secret techniques and methods.

Source by Catherine Cheng