Gift-giving is a time to show appreciation, friendship and love, but it's not always easy to find the perfect present. In some cases, the person being gifted seems to already have everything he or she wants; other times, the hard part of gifting is finding something different from what others are giving. Personalized gifts are unique choices that commemorate special occasions and make recipients feel truly special. Below is a look at some common personalized presents available for the numerous gift-giving opportunities each year.


Shirts bearing family names or the names of special occasions such as anniversaries, graduations or reunions are special mementos that shine each time receivers wear them. These low-cost, unique gifts let wearers express themselves for all to see and can be screenprinted, embroidered or created by hand using airbrush or fabric paint. Although almost everybody enjoys wearing personalized t-shirts, kids will be especially pumped up to receive clothing featuring their own names.


Having attractive luggage is a source of pride for many people who travel by plane, bus or train. In airports, particularly at the airport luggage carousel, luggage can be difficult to spot among the many other suitcases and bags present. With personalized luggage, gift receivers don't have to worry about locating their belongings; they will easily stand out with embroidered or screenprinted names on tags, straps and other easily visible areas.


Personalized jewelry makes an especially tantalizing gift, especially for women on romantic occasions such as anniversaries or Valentine's Day. Silver or gold rings, earrings or bracelets can all be engraved with the wearer's name and date, making a special gift that will last a lifetime. Couples or best friends can wear rings bearing each other's initials as a celebration of what they share.

Wine Bottles and Accessories

A bottle of good wine is a reason for celebration on its own, but a personalized engraving can bring the gift of wine to a new level at weddings and other occasions. Names, initials, dates or messages can be engraved or inlaid with gold or other precious metals, creating a keepsake out of a bottle that will serve as a precious reminder long after its contents have been consumed. To enhance the present occasion and enliven future toasts, personalized wine glasses can be given as accessories. Personalized cork screws and bottle stoppers are also available for a totally unique wine drinking experience.

Holiday Ornaments

Bringing out the ornaments is a special occasion at many homes around the holidays. With personalized ceramic or glass ornaments, gift recipients can relive the cherished memory of receiving their unique present each year. Family names, initials and dates can all be engraved on ornaments for use on Christmas trees, fireplace mantles and other places in homes.

Everyday Items

For everyday gift enjoyment, practical gifts may be best. After getting a personalized mug bearing their own name, recipients will remember the gift and occasion with each cup of coffee or tea they drink. Personalized pocket knives are perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors, and laptop bags or even shoes can be excellent personalized gifts for almost anyone. Whether practical or whimsical, personalized presents are sure to make lasting impressions that will be treasured for years to come.

Source by David Sheath