In its endeavor to give people the ultimate TV viewing experience, Samsung has come up with the S9 series consisting of models under the brand of Samsung UHD 4K TV. Allowing people to take their entertainment of TV watching to the next level, this smart and slim television encompasses a series of features that are guaranteed to impress you. Being a grand possession in itself, this TV is designed for people who aspire to enjoy a unique watching experience. Framed in a timeless design, the placement of this television is guaranteed to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your premises in an excellent manner.

Here is a brief overview of the several unique features of the Samsung UN85S9 85-inch television that are guaranteed to impress you:

1. The huge 85 inch TV

In terms of size the Samsung ultra HD television occupies a space of 85 inches ensuring that the viewer gets a grand TV watching experience. With this TV, you can actually sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing pictures in a never before manner.

2. Superior picture quality

Most of the times, our TV viewing experience ends up being a big disappointment thanks to the poor picture quality and shabby images. However, with the Samsung UN85S9 85-inch TV this disappointment is going to be history. Yes! The screen of this ultra HD TV has four times the resolution of a normal TV. This means you get to see clear pictures with every color highlighted precisely even on the edges. This amazing picture quality is further supported by a unique precision backlit technology to enhance your overall TV viewing experience.

3. Smart TV

The Samsung 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV is the iconic design that represents the future. Apart from its amazing picture quality and superior sound processing abilities, this TV also comes with an in-built camera so that you can add features like Skype call and others to avail internet driven video calling abilities.

4. Easy to connect!

The Samsung 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV comes with yet another unique feature, the one connect box. This feature allows you to reduce the clutter around your television. You can merge the connections for your additional devices like the Blu-ray player, DVD players and others into the one connect box. Apart from making your television viewing area look clutter free, the advantage of merging these connections is that it becomes easy to upgrade the different software programs through a single point of connect.


Source by Urvi Tandon