Maybe you are unable to make up your mind as to which web hosting service is better – FatCow or Dreamhost? Hence a detailed comparison of their features will be required in order to decide. This assessment will be founded on what would be the basic requirements of a hosting service. Let us find out which web hosting service has the more reliable and less expensive plan for your needs.

DreamHost's plan starts at only $5.95 per month and you can establish a well-designed website at this price. This is a good price but marginally higher than FatCow's plan of $4.83 a month. There does not seem to be a major difference in price but other features have to be considered too.

DreamHost will offer a very good selection of services such as traditional hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Its VPS hosting plans are custom made to suit the needs of various users. FatCow has a simple shared hosting plan but has a number of additional services like domain registration -commerce and email accounts and web design tools. The company's hosting package is ideal for a new user who would like to steadily build an internet presence.

FaCow and DreamHost have been able to build a good clientele through offering the users good features in their plans. Thee basic features available are web mail accounts, spam filtering along with disk space and storage that is unlimited. One can also host any number of domains on just one account. Advanced programs like PHP,Ruby on rails and Perl are also available. FatCow wields a powerful set of Go ogle Webmaster tools while DreamHost gives away free WhoIs domain space.

It is unnecessary to emphasize the significance of customer support and technical aid as part of any hosting package. Low prices and all the extra features do not amount to anything if your website is down and you have no backup support from the company. Dreamhost and FatCow both excel in offering customer support and thus distinguish themselves from other web hosting services in this respect. FatCow's warm and friendly approach and the quick response given to customer complaints is a byword in internet circles. You have a number of support options such as email support, live chat, toll free phone and video tutorials. Dreamhost has good but limited support services. You can get email support but there is a wait period of 24 hours. Additional phone support can be availed after paying an additional monthly fee and that too for a limited number of service calls.

You may be a person who does not like to rely too much on technical support over phone. You may also be averse to the idea of paying extra to get support staff to attend to your problems. If you are such a person, then DreamHost is definitely not for you. However, if you are a web-based marketer whose web traffic is steadily increasing or if your business demands more resources, FatCow's server cannot fully satisfy your needs. There are shortcomings with both the companies but they are, on the whole, a hugely reliable pair of web hosting companies.

Source by Puripong K Sing