The Sony KDL-55EX503U is the first place someone should go when they are in the market for a striking looking Sony television model. Several kinds of technology have been implemented into this meticulous television set, making the eco friendly settings much more friendly with the power bill.

This particular television set, for example, is smart enough to detect when a television set has not been used in a few hours by way of its Idle TV facility technology, which puts it on standby.

The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX503 is a television set that comes with an astounding 1080p resolution, which means its high definition output measures out to 1920 x 1080, which is the perfect level of quality detail. As the name suggests, it comes with an impressive screen that measures out to 55 inches of superiority. Also included with this television set are four different inputs through which one may easily connect several high definition ready devices, such as a PlayStation 3 or a Blu-Ray player. Notice the spectacular quality of picture when the Image Blur Reduction technology is used, which will minimise the blur that may occur in fast paced television programmes and sports or films. Present movies at optimal settings by configuring the different options that come with the Cinema Mode, which includes settings for brightness and colour, as well as film-like textures.

The DLNA-enabled Sony Bravia KDL-55EX503 makes it possible for a user to remotely access any movies, music or photos at are stored on their music player, mobile phone or laptop and stream it on their television set. A tuner is built into this particular television set and is responsible for a user enjoying the benefits of Freeview HD.

Other technology is included and is responsible for such an advanced level of picture quality. With extraordinary contrast and colour tones, the built in Bravia Engine 3 offers a true to life, in-depth view of the images on screen. A conventional television could never show such sharpness as this television set, which comes with Motionflow 100Hz. To round off the this list of picture quality, it comes with am Ambient Sensor, which detects how bright a room is and how much colour there is, adjusting the quality of the picture accordingly so that viewing images is more comfortable.

As for the sound quality, the Sony KDL-55EX503U makes great use of its S-Force Front Surround technology, which very closely mimics true surround sound and it also uses its rear mounted speakers to allow a listener to hear quality sound at the utmost clarity. Other features which further enhance the quality of sound are invisible 10W + 10W speakers, 5.1 output technologies, Dolby Digital Plus and Digital Amp.

For those who wonder what else causes this particular television set to stand out among all of the others, the answer is perhaps easy enough. The built in Freeview facility allows a viewer to watch television without having to pay for a third party box. The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX503U is definitely a television one will want to buy.

Source by Randell H Keith