About the inventor:

We have to thank Mr Boeck for the invention of these stilts. Alexander Boeck (pronounced Bock) is a German inventor and the creation of the jumping stilts was based on his in-depth research into the walking and running movements of the kangaroo, the stilt was developed and evolved over time to mimic the techniques of the findings and offer the end-user boundless possibilities. Powerbock is a general term used for the equipment needed for Powerbocking / Pro-Jumping and is named after the original inventor and patent holder (US Patent No. 6,719,671 B1) The Powerbock (often referred to as Pro-Jump or Poweriser to name a few) is a spring loaded jumping stilt / boot in one which has a footplate with snowboard type bindings and a fibreglass curved springs attached to the base, so when you press your feet downwards, the pressure of your weight creates gravitational energy. The integral super-charged springs push back to harness this energy, giving you the ability to jump to incredible heights and run with huge strides at amazing speeds. It is widely recognised within the sport that once mastered you can run as fast as 20mph and jump 6ft high!

Benefits of Pro-Jumping / Powerbocking:

Not only are the jumping stilts fun to use but also provide health benefits which become apparent once you start using them. I brought my stilts from Pro-Jump.co.uk and when they told me that they will provide me with a cardio-vascular workout even with moderate use and tone and exercise my legs, waist, hips, stomach, back, arms and shoulders all to varying degrees I just thought it was their sales pitch BUT it's true! In the 2 months I have been using them not only do I feel fitter but I have also managed to shed a stone in weight and all my friends stay I'm looking much fitter – and I have only been using them for less than half an hour a day. The Stilts have also been featured in the Daily Mail where they actually did a whole workout routine with them and compared them to a fun alternative to yoga! A quote from Daily Mail “they come with a whole host of health benefits, from aiding weight loss to strengthening the body's core muscles and lowering cholesterol. It also burns more calories in less time than running, and the springs cushion your joints from injuries associated with running, such as stress fractures and shin splints.”

As seen on TV and increased popularity of the Pro-Jumping / Powerbocking sport:

In December 06, Pro-Jump stilts were shown on national TV when a member of the Pro-Jump display team demonstrated a pair on the Jonathan Ross show. In February 07, two brothers Mikael Lindstrom & Mattias Lindstrom (Swebounce & Hemoves) performed on Graham Norton's “When will I be famous” BBC 1 show. Their appearances on TV have increased the popularity of the sport and new clubs are forming throughout the country – soon you should see Bockers / Pro-Jumpers everywhere! Meeting fellow enthusiasts is easy by joining community forums such as http://www.ProJumpForum.co.uk where you can meet people, see pictures and videos. Thank you for reading and watch this space for more articles on this fantastic new sport.


Source by Sam Racing