The 3 fundamental and important things that we need to make money online are:

  • A Domain Name.
  • A Hosting Account.
  • An Auto-responder.

What are they and why they are so important? Well, let's talk about them.

  1. Your Domain Name: It's like the brand name of your company in the real world if you are in businesses. But we are here, on the Internet, so you can imagine it's like the name of your website a.k.a your virtual asset for making money online. For example, if you want to build up your online business on entertainment market, especially video games, you can name your website “”, “”, “”… Of course some of them may be taken already, but you can be creative here by using something like the symbol “-” in your domain name or to take the “.info” instead of the “.com”. For example, if “” is already taken, choose “”, or “”, or “”. Feel free to imagine but remember that a sounding domain name makes huge impact on visitors 'cause they will remember your shop and visit again. Where to get a domain name? Go to and get one, they are the best.
  2. Get a Hosting Account: What is it? Imagine it's like the supplier of electricity, water, and space for your online shop. Without power, water, and a place to lay down your shop, no business can be operated therefore no money can be made, right? To say in other words, a web hosting service allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. It's important. So where can you have one? There are many providers provide this service but I suggest using Hostgator at
  3. An Auto-Responder: It is your virtual employee with a little difference in the real world, it can do the work of many people. When your business grows up, you alone simply can't handle all the tasks so you need a helping hand, and it's what an auto-responder can give you. It can welcome your customers when they come to your shop, auto send your email to all of them with a click, manage different lists for different purposes and many more. No one can do all these tasks without it. Great! So where can I get one? Again, there are numerous providers but I prefer AWeber at

Finally, I have to say that the above are the very first things you must have in order to build up your online business and make it beneficial in the long run. There are other things to do but you've laid a strong foundation to grow your business as big as you want in the future. Take them step by step and sooner or later, you will achieve results.

Source by Duy N. Khanh