Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sharp have been very satisfied with the sales figures of LED LCD TVs for 2009 and predict that 2010 will see many more units sold and to be another extremely successful year for the super slimline models. The price of such models is a hurdle, even though there are many benefits to the LED backlit or edge lit LCD TVs over a regular model, and in the later part of 2010 we will see many bargain manufacturers introduce their own models at hugely discounted prices.

For example, Vizio have already this year offered an LED LCD TV at a third of the price of some Samsung LED TV models. Vizio's new TVs are less than inch thick and offer LED technology at the price of a pair of Ugg boots, reportedly.

The energy saving factor is a huge selling point today, in a world where carbon emissions reduction is of high importance and everyone is aiming to do their bit to save the environment from such harmful gases. Some of which are used in LCD models. LED models use up to 40% less energy than standard LCD TVs so will dramatically save on energy bills within the home, a great concern for all.

It has been reported on that LED sales are expected to reach a staggering 26 million in 2010 and with such increasing popularity and huge competition waiting in the wings, bargain LED LCD TVs are to be a big feature of 2010/2011.

Source by Callum Mckeefery