Do you want to be informed of the satellite TV reviews from some of the leading satellite TV providers? In this article you will find anything you need to know about these particular companies. This will help in you in choosing the best satellite TV that will suit your requirements.

Today 3 of the satellite TV companies which are operating in United States are Angel Star, DIRECTV and DISH Network. DIRECTV and DISH Network is broadcasting a selection of TV shows, special events, sporting events and commercial free music, on the hand Angel Star is broadcasting Christian centered programs, special events and music.

DIRECTV was established by Hughes Electronics in 1994, and was the original high powered direct broadcast satellite service operating in the planet. It is presently the biggest satellite TV Company that has over 15 million subscribers and is ranking second in customer's satisfaction ratings among other satellite TV and cable companies of J.D. Power and Associates.

It provides customers with 250 satellite TV channels and also offering 3 program packages. Their packages are Total Choice which includes 3 movie channels, 155 programming channels, also 50XM radio channels, and their most availed package is the Total Choice Premier which has 250 programming channels, 3 movie channels, lastly 67XM radio channels. They also provide pay-per-view programming, high definition program packages, international programming and adult channels. Unlike most of the satellite TV providers, DIRECT contains the highest number of sports programming.

DISH Network was established by EchoStar in 1996. DISH Network is presently the fastest developing satellite TV Company having above 12 million subscribers and is ranking first on customer's satisfaction rate among other satellite TV and cable companies of J.D. Power and Associates.

It Network provides 375 satellite TV channels as well as 5 program packages. Their first package is 40 channels Dish Family package which has family centered programming like Animal Planet, Hallmark Movie Channel and Nickelodeon. Their most availed package is the Everything package which has 375 programming channels and has 60 Sirius radio stations, 52 music channels, Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinemax. Comparing with other satellite TV providers, you can get the most movies, international channels and shows with DISH Network.

Dominion Video Satellite Inc owned Sky Angel, this is the satellite TV that provides viewers with Christian centered programming. The company was established in 1981.

Sky Angel uses equipment from DISH Network TV to perform their service and permit subscribers to avail of both services from the equal equipment.

Sky Angel provides a selection of Christian talk programs as well as Christian news programs. Their line up consists up popular Christian centered programs like Pat Robertson's 700 club, Hal Lindsey's TV show and Benny Hinn's This is Your Day. News programs included is Christian World News program by CBN. TV specials which are broadcasted on Sky Angel are Justice Sundays, and Promise Keepers. Children and Teen shows include KTV-Kids, Teens Television, other teen Christian radio shows, TVU Music Television, and HIS Kids Radio.

20 programming channels as well as 16 music channels cost $14.99 per month, or $149.90 per year. You also need to pay an extra $5.99 to pick up local channels.


Source by Jordan Michael