Bluehost offers unlimited storage space, but so many different hosting companies are moving to this option that one must ask the question before signing up: Is it enough? In order to stay competitive with the ongoing features and benefits of other providers, Bluehost attempts to give its customers a little extra bang for their buck to answer the question once and for all of whether or not their company has what it takes to stay competitive in the current online market. The attempt to do so is led by a three-prong approach: one that is good for businesses, one that is right for customer service, and another that is perfect for upkeep.

The first is for businesses. By incorporating an easy to use cPanel interface, which allows you control over both website and commerce, you have the power to monitor sales, track customers, run reports, and freely add or remove content at your disgression. All of the elements that are vital to your online business's growth and development are there for you to learn and master. In addition to unlimited storage capacity, the Bluehost model allows you unlimited data transfer, which guards against your website faltering under a heavy influx of traffic. Nothing is more detrimental to the performance of a website than uptime, and by giving you all the transfer space that you need, you are guaranteed almost 100 percent up-time.

Another area where Bluehost's plan excels is in the area of customer service. Many online businesses or website owners do not have all day to work on their pages. They usually have to manage their sites around a day job and an already maxed out daily schedule. When customer service is only available during banker hours, it becomes difficult to get any help as issues arise. Bluehost promises a 24/7 around the clock service department that is available to help you through phone or chat whenever you need them. This flexibility makes the plan a good one, at least on paper, for the average site owner.

The final area where Bluehost's plan hopes to help websites and businesses is in the area of upkeep. The Internet is a dynamic, constantly changing environment. The only way to maintain functionality is to stay abreast of major maintenance and update plans. When you take these issues upon yourself, it becomes easier to fall behind. All it takes is one day for a hacker or Internet predator to crack the code of your website. Since Bluehost is constantly making sure that its firmware is up to date, you never have anything to worry about on your end.

Bluehost makes big promises and works even harder to deliver. If you're not sure where to take your business, give this company a try.

Source by Darren W Chow