There are a numbers of drawbacks from a free web hosting service. There is a famous saying as such,” There is no free lunch in this world” – which clearly remarked the fact that not free stuffs are all good, there are considerable amount of inevitable drawbacks from these free web hosting companies. Nevertheless for new users who wanted to try their hands to create their own website, a free web host services helps them to familiarize themselves with a real website and many of the features which can be found at the host website to enhance your own website.

Here are some of the common disadvantages of free web hosting services which all of us need to look out for;
1. The level of authority over your website is very less: Theoretically, free web hosting company make their living from online advertising charges. If you sign up for the free web services, on most occasions, you will need to allow a number of online advertisements to be posted on your website even if you dislike the advertisement nor do you see any help that you are able to get from these online advertisements. Very commonly, you will get Pop up windows and intrusive banner advertisements on your website most of the time.

2. Limited support: Normally no real time help lines are provided from a free web hosting for any emergency support although for some companies, help-desk forums are provided; however most of the time, the turn-around time to receive any assistance from these support is high.

3. Limited security features: One of the limitation of a free web provider is the lack of security features and measures to protect their users' websites. Their users are hardly being protected against hackers and privacy.

4. Constraint website designs and layout: if you are looking for an opportunity to design your own website for your own used or for your family members, then it is not so much of an issue even if the selections of designs and patterns to decorate your website is limited. However, if your website is intended to use for online commercial business, then this limitation might stop you from having an attractive website with useful features and options.

5. Overcrowded server with limited web page space: Sometimes the free web hosting company still continue to put his free users on the “crowded” server causing it's performance to be highly impacted causing frequent downtime with no adequate technical support on site at all. You will have to squeeze with many others for that small server space with little privacy or no privacy at all of your own.

6. Limited features and functionality: It is not at all surprising to find that the free web provider only offer very limited features for their free users. Advanced features such as FTP accounts, shopping carts, POP emails, MySQL,message boards, chat rooms are not obtainable at all.

7. Very limited bandwidth:While bandwidth is an important factor for any growing website needs, it is one of the key criteria to consider before one opt for a free web hosting plan because limited bandwidth will influence the speed and storage space of your website and directly will diversely impact your on-going online business.


Source by Darren Thomas