What should you consider about the Acura RSX before you buy one? Any time I buy any new car I always make sure I have done my homework on it first. So if you think the Acura RSX may be the car for you, you should probably do what I do and make sure you know as much about the car as you can find out before you hit the lots. Here is a little bit about what I found regarding the Acura RSX, but do your own research as well so that you know everything about the car the it important to you before you go out and make that purchase. Your best bet, though, is to check out the S type of the Acura RSX.

The Acura RSX is a high performance coupe in the S type. It features a 210 hp 2-liter engine, 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission, modified suspension and brakes, quick-ratio variable rack & pinion steering, upgraded tires, leather interior. Air conditioning and 7-speaker Bose sound system come standard when you buy it new.

Visual inspection of the car reveals that it is best-suited to smaller people. Up front, however, is what counts and there you will probably find the most comfort. The seats of the Acura RSX S Type are fantastic, not racer-tight but with more than suitable grip. The steering wheel is well placed, small, and wrapped with leather. The gear lever falls right to hand and has obviously been placed with care. Also, everything looks great, with typical Acura ergonomics. One drawback would be that the numbers on many of the instruments in the Acura RSX are too small and the indicators on the air controls are not very easy to read. The round air and heat vents are controlled with little clamshell-shaped doors that allow them to almost vanish when closed. Seats and mirrors are heated, while the “set-and-forget” climate control maintains a very nice temperature.

The Acura RSX is casual elegant, but with just a little faux titanium and chrome to dress things up. The sunroof is standard and c

In addition, as you look over more information on the Acura RSX, you will find that there is even more to it. It is a safe car with many standard air bag and brake features that add to the practical appeal. As you look into cars, and if you believe that such a sedan at a these prices may be for you, then you owe it to yourself to give the Acura RSX a chance. Do your research and visit an Acura dealer to take a test drive and see that everything you have read about this sports sedan is true and may just be why the Acura RSX is the right car for you to consider for your next new car purchase.

Source by Christopher Luck